Sunday, July 19, 2009


Pokemon Amethyst is now highly illegal and has likely violated several infringements (A guess, don't take my word on it)

POL Admin Dennon said they have already been brought down by authorities and is no longer a project/playable game

All h8 pokemon amethyst.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Pdoa is no longer valid, its site owner quitting the project due to financial issues, R.I.P. Pdoa has finished its major update, unfortunately, mining is not available yet, but you can check out their new site layout/legendary areas/battle area! (its awesome!!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Large List of Links ~Reviews to Come!

Hello, I have decided to start A blog solely to inform the pokemon community of fan-based pokemon MMOs, there are quite a few to be found, but are hard to discover.

Free online Pokemon MMO List!

Basic Genre: (original pokemon game MMOs) (Ekaiyo Online, it has had many setbacks, there hasnt been any news in a few weeks, so im expecting something major, its currently in progress, it will be awesome, the first 3d pokemon mmo!) (Good game, currently in open beta) (When they finally do an open beta, it will be the best thing out) (Quite decent, server is down sometimes for long periods) (I highly do not reccomend this, it is incredibly laggy and they push you into buying their cruddy merchandise/premium)
Pokemon Amethyst (Highly top secret, my mouth is zipped until further notice) (Currently down, they will finish the sequel to their game, it is code-named pokemon bullhorn online, go there for updates!) (currently down, nothing to see except an error, it may or may not be back up, I think the creator died of some weird cause *_*) (Quite interesting, you play like you are actually 13, (which means, of course, your short) Eventually pokemon will be able to follow you around as a sprite, its got a few interesting features, half of PBO/PCO's community migrated west to here.)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: (Currently the most well made pokemon mmo out to date, extremely addicting :3)

Browser Games: (Quite addicting, still in the works, new features are added all the time, the creator is working on a huge patch currently, you should check it out!) (It has a small amount of potential, it could become quite great one day!)

Pokemon Petsite/adoptable sites: (Pokeplushies has a variety of interesting sprites, but has lost a small amount of popularity due to involving more than just pokemon) (They have over 493 sprites (unfortunately a few fakemons) and to get pokemon you have to hatch them from eggs or find them at the shelter. Eggs can be obtained from refreshing the lab page/shelter page until you come across an egg that interests you.)

Please, don't hesitate to email me detailed reviews or other sites that have pokemon mmo projects/pokemon petsites/pokemon browser roleplaying games!